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Don MonteithFrom: Don Monteith

Dear Friend and Dream Job Seeker:

If you're looking for a career change, wanting to get a better job, or you've been 'downsized' in today's rough economy, you'll want to read every word on this page because this just might be the most important letter you've ever read. Hi, my name is Don Monteith. I've got lots to show you, but first, tell me something...

"Which of these four situations describe you best?..."

You're frustrated with your job, and you're looking for a career change but you don't know how to get out of what you're doing now and into a position that would really make you happy

You're looking for a better job that pays more, has better benefits and provides you with more job satisfaction

You're Graduating from College and looking for the tools that will guarantee you a leg-up on your competing classmates.

You've been 'downsized' (that's their 'nice' word for laid-off) from your employer and you need to get a job quick, not just any job, but one that you'll really feel good about

Whichever it is, wouldn't it be great if you had somebody with real-world experience show you how to find and get your dream job, and guide you every step of the way?

If you answered yes, then...

"I've got good news for you: I can help..."

During that time we helped thousands of people find jobs, get new positions, and sometimes even transitioned them out of the jobs they hated and into new and fulfilling careers.

"And we always did this with the goal of helping our clients find and get their dream job..."

Anyone can get a job, even in this economy (there is always McDonalds…) but you don't want just any job, you want a job that challenges you. One that you look forward to going to each day. One that pays you what you are worth and gives you the lifestyle and personal happiness you want and deserve.

Your job is out there, waiting…for you. If it can happen to other people, why not you?

Here's a few glowing testimonials we've received from other successful clients and friends...

"Your book is a dream job goldmine..."

Hi Don,

I just wanted to let you know I've been getting job leads that I would not normally have had access to any other way than from the tips you give in your Dream Job manual on how to use agencies and staffing services.

Your weekly support emails are very helpful, and your book is a goldmine. I highly recommend this book. The information is presented in a straight forward, logical manner and much of the information is not readily available any other way without paying exorbitant fees for it.

Thanks again,

Kurt Decker Reading, MA

"You really have an extremely value-added service..."

Hi Don, I have to tell you I have been quite impressed with your information and your email follow-up.

I have researched about six different services who wanted to charge me an average of $7500, and did not receive the professionalism and attention to detail as you have shown. I am an informed buyer, and you really have an extremely value-added service and proposition.

George A. Giagtzis McLean, Va

"I found my dream job in less than two weeks!..."

Mr. Monteith,

Your ebook, "How to Get Your Dream Job...In 30 Days or Less!" is a work of genius! When I first retired from the military after 23 years of service, I had a very difficult time finding suitable employment that provided a comfortable lifestyle. After applying your expert job-hunting techniques, I found my dream job in less than two weeks! That being said, I really think that a title change may be in order.

Cal Golden, North Wales,PA

"A credible voice..."

Hi Don,

You've been in the trenches working with people at all levels in the job spectrum, from the executive level to the clerical, and this experience makes you a credible voice in a field where many are hitting the surface and need professional guidance. Having known you in the marketplace for at least 20 years, as a friend and respected competitor, I'm not surprised that you are still at it, sharing your expertise and experiences as Mentor to those persons who are searching for their dream job in today's toughest job market.

Best regards,

Bob Gibson,
Past President (retired) Norrell Services Atlanta, GA

"Your new ebook is the perfect tool..."

Hi Don,

I was delighted to learn that you have shared your human resources expertise with those needing help finding a job - or making a career change.

As the Chairman/CEO of our company for many years, you had the opportunity to see thousands of people pass through our doors in search of their "dream job". You know firsthand the procedure of the interview process and placement by our staff in positions best suited for each applicant. Your new ebook is the perfect tool for anyone needing guidance in their job search in today's marketplace. With more than 32 years in the staffing industry, I cannot think of anyone more qualified than you to share their experiences.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Bolick
Creative Staffing Charlotte, NC

I don't show you these to brag, I only mention them because we're going to talk about something very important to you, and I want you to know what I tell you is true and reliable.

"I'll let you in on a little secret..."

It's really not your fault you're having trouble getting the job that's perfect for you.

You see, the problem is...

"Most job seekers don't know how to "play the game" of getting the perfect dream job..."

The whole hiring process is stacked up against you before you even start.

I know that you have probably felt this way and let me assure you that you were right!

That's why I decided to do something about it, I've packaged up all my knowledge and experience in helping thousands of people find and get their dream jobs into a quick and easy to follow program that anyone can follow.

Introducing the complete, step-by-step system...

How To Get Your Dream Job... In 30 Days or Less!

"Here's just some of the amazing secrets, tips, and techniques you'll be able to put to use immediately to find and get your dream job..."

You'll discover:

  • The little known secret to making your resume standout from the crowd (use this strategy to show the reason why you're the best person for the job)
  • How to leverage your current skills and knowledge into higher pay, better offers, and more job security
  • Learn to be a 'profit generator' (most employees never reach this position, use this strategy to write your own ticket with any employer you choose)
  • How to use your past experiences (all of them—the good, the bad and the ugly) to get the job you really want
  • Why setting up your follow up system gets you the job now, and better opportunities in the future
  • How to know exactly what the employer wants before you go in for the interview
  • The easiest way you'll ever get a better paying job with more benefits and vacation time
  • How to re-position, up-position, and cross-position yourself with your current or new employer
  • How to get paid to 'snoop' on possible employers (and get the inside story from your future co-workers)
  • How to make sure interviewers know you're the right person for the job (if you don't do this, they may pick someone else)
  • How to get professional job placement and staffing service firms to work for you, and it won't even cost you a dime
  • How to stop running all over town chasing job openings once you understand this one simple secret
  • How to get great exposure to exactly the kind of job you're looking for
  • How to turn the tables on the Staffing Service and interview them for a change to get exactly the job you want and with the company you want
  • The best source to the unadvertised 'underground' job market (you can forget about looking in the newspaper for the best jobs, you need to get to know these hiring pros)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes you can make when looking for your dream job (and how to avoid them)
  • The one word that will get you more inside information on a prospective employer than reading company reports for 3 months
  • How to make yourself an indispensable 'five star' employee to your current or future employer
  • The two little words that virtually guarantee you'll get your dream job (if you don't use these, you'll get nowhere fast)
  • And more!

"Here's the bottom line on this 'take you by the hand' and 'lead you every step of the way' guide to finding and getting your dream job..."

"How To Get Your Dream Job...In 30 Days or Less" will guide you step-by-step to:

  • Identify what makes you unique and attractive to top-paying employers
  • Learn the quick and easy ways to land the dream job you really want
  • Understand exactly what employers are looking for in a 'five star' employee
  • Position yourself as their 'obvious choice' to hire
  • Get top-notch hiring professionals to help you get your dream job - for free!
  • Stop worrying and start living the life you deserve
  • And more, much MORE!

"What would it be worth to you in money, lifestyle
and happiness if you had your dream job
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Employers have paid my firm hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to find them quality employees (the top 20% of the workforce).

But now I'm turning the tables, I'm working for you now, and it won't cost you anything near the amount I've made from them.

Would it be worth $1,000 to you?

Yes? What would you do if I halved it to $500?

If you went to a job or career coach it could cost you that much or more to get their personal assistance and guidance. Now for most people, this is just not a realistic option.

Look, I don't need the money, I made mine when I sold my firm for a tidy sum (I'm semi-retired but I like to keep my toes in the water).

"In summary, here's what you get..."

You get immediate access to this breakthrough manual
"How To Get Your Dream Job...In 30 Days or Less"...

Plus, if you order right now, you also get these four valuable bonuses..."

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"17 Answers You'd Better Give To The Toughest
17 Questions Job Interviewers Ask"

(value $19)

In this special report you'll learn the sneaky and trick questions interviewers are trained to ask you, and how you should answer each one (the information revealed in this report can make the difference in getting past the 'first cut' and into the real race for the dream job you want).

FREE Bonus #2

"How To Get Your Dream Job"
Stay On Track Follow ups

(value $29)

Every three days you'll be hearing from us. We'll be keeping you on track and making action step suggestions for you to take next. We want you to succeed. So we're staying right there with you, every step of the way to help you get your dream job too.

FREE Bonus #3

"How To Get Your Dream Job Resource
and Reference Guide"

(value $19)

You don't want to waste any time looking and searching for the reliable resources we recommend, so we've packaged up our all-inclusive 'best of the best' reference guide so everything you need is immediately accessible to you.

FREE Bonus #4

"Your Personal Interview with Coach Don"

(value $97)

When you get "stumped" ~ just remember ~ Coach Don is here to talk personally with you about your concerns or challenges as you seek a new Career Choice or to discover your dream job.

As you begin your walk through the Dream Job ebook plus all the bonuses you'll receive.... most of your questions will be answered.

However, Coach Don has recently added a NEW bonus at NO cost for his clients who purchase this ebook, plus helpful bonuses too.

If you purchase your program TODAY.... you'll have a 15 minute personal phone visit with Coach Don ~ FREE. Our goal is to help you be successful in finding or advancing to your dream job in 30 days or less.

And you have my personal...
"Better-Than-100%-Money-Back and TRIPLE Risk-Free Guarantee..."

You see, I absolutely refuse to have any unhappy customers.

So I'm going to give you a full 90 day 'better-than-money-back' guarantee so you can prove to yourself that this step-by-step guide is everything you've hoped for, and even more than I've promised you in this letter.

"Triple-Guarantee #1..."

When you order the complete "How To Get Your Dream Job" package, download the manual, and all the bonus reports too. Give it a quick look over and if you don't think it's right for you, for whatever reason, just let me know and it costs you nothing, your money will be promptly refunded to you with no hassles and no hard feelings.

"Triple-Guarantee #2..."

I really hope you won't stop with just a quick review, we really want to end your frustration and help you get your dream job. So put the secrets, tips, and techniques to use today. Send me an email and ask your toughest questions and tell me the problems that you need help with the most. Then see for yourself what kind of great help and support you get. Put all the concepts revealed in "How To Get Your Dream Job" to work for you, and if you aren't completely satisfied that these strategies aren't the best dream job getting advice you've ever seen, just get back with us for a full refund, and I'll say 'thanks anyway' for giving us a try.

"Triple-Guarantee #3..."

Continue to put our techniques to use in your dream job search, and if at any time during the first 90 days you own the system you don't think this is the best money you ever invested in your own success, just let me know and your full purchase price is right back to you -- because if you're not absolutely thrilled with the advice and counsel I give you, I insist on refunding your money.

"And one other thing, it's important..."

In the unlikely event you do ever ask for a refund, the special bonuses and freebies you've received are yours to keep.

"Don't settle for any old 'dead end' job with nothing in it for you except a paycheck..."

You can get your dream job...

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You can work fewer hours...

You can make more money...

You can spend more time with family and friends...

You can feel good about yourself...

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How about you?

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